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Motor Vehicle Accidents

practicearea5Karon Law, LLC can help if you have been injured in an automobile crash.   An experienced personal injury attorney can protect you from unfair and illegal insurance claims settlement practices and help you obtain fair compensation for your injuries.  Being injured in an automobile accident can feel overwhelming.  Adding to the burden of your injuries are confusing insurance provisions and legal requirements.  You need an attorney who can explain the different insurance coverages that may be available to you such as: Personal Injury Protection benefits (PIP), medical payments, bodily injury liability, and uninsured and undersinsured motorist coverage and how your auto insurer and your health insurance coordinate their payments.  Most importantly, you need an attorney that insurance companies know is willing and able to try your case.  Years ago, most auto accident cases could be settled for a reasonable amount without filing a lawsuit.  That’s no longer true.  In the 1990’s insurance companies began aggressively defending auto accident cases.  They will (at least some of the time) still settle a case for reasonable compensation, but only if they know your lawyer is able to take your case to trial.

At Karon Law, LLC, you’ll get the benefit of Jonathan Karon’s decades of experience handling automobile accident cases.  You’ll get an attorney who has tried these cases to verdicts and has a reputation for aggressive advocacy.   You’ll also get an attorney who won’t pressure you to settle your case before your doctors know what’s wrong with you.   Sometimes a quick settlement is not in your best interest.  Although some injuries are obvious immediately, others may not manifest themselves for weeks or months after an accident.  Injuries to intervertebral discs are common in motor vehicle accidents and can cause lifetime pain and discomfort.  Yet these serious injuries are frequently not diagnosed until months after an accident when symptoms persist and an MRI is performed.  Similarly, motor vehicle accidents are a major cause of traumatic brain injuries.  Although most persons suffering a mild traumatic brain injury do recover, a significant minority have permanent, substantial impairments.  Accordingly, it’s very important if someone suffers a concussion to make sure that there won’t be any permanent symptoms.  An injured person only has one opportunity to resolve their case.  A premature settlement, that fails to take into account all their injuries, can deny them fair compensation.

If you’d like to speak with an attorney with extensive experience with automobile accident cases, who understands both the insurance coverage issues and medicine involved, please feel free to call, e-mail or schedule a meeting with Mr. Karon.

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