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Professional Negligence

practicearea8Jonathan Karon has extensive experience helping persons who were harmed when their attorney or architect didn’t comply with the standards of their profession.  He has helped his clients obtain significant recoveries in legal malpractice and architectural malpractice cases.  Clients have a right to expect that professionals in whom they’ve placed their trust will act in accordance with the best traditions and accepted practices of their profession.  Fortunately, this is usually the case.  Sometimes, however, attorneys or architects fail to provide the required quality of care or service.

Mr. Karon has helped clients who have suffered financial loss due to their lawyer’s failure to comply with fundamental professional standards.  Similarly, he obtained a substantial jury verdict when the defendant architects’ failure to design renovations in accordance with the Massachusetts Building Code or to use reasonable care in the contract administration phase of the project caused hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages to his client.  A professional negligence case is a serious commitment and should not be undertaken lightly.  Sometimes, after investigation, what first looked like malpractice turns out to be just an unfortunate result, sometimes compounded by the professional’s failure to provide the client with clear explanations.  Karon Law, LLC will work with you to obtain a clear explanation of what happened and, if appropriate, to pursue your claim.   If you are concerned you’ve been harmed by legal or architectural malpractice, you can call, e-mail or schedule a meeting with Mr. Karon.

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